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Oct 3, 2012 5:00am EDT
..hey are kenyon wallee and william campbell. both are from baltimore. a 17-year-old student is facing charges in connection with a stabbing monday inside johns is charggd s an adult with attempted fiisttand second degree murder...afftr allegedly stabbing annther hearing is set for october 30th anne arundel county aaimal cootrol seizes dozenn of what thhy're callinn na &pdeplorable conditions. conditions.animal control says 21 year old shane taylor kept more than 0 animals.. including tto dogs.. turtles.. birds.. snakes and a potbelly pig... inside his home.they taylor by providing wiih th - the animals after findinggthem wiihout food or wwter.but they say he didn't follow their instructions.. so the animall had to be the owner says they have heewrong soon assthey are ready for adoption i find them a home ttat takee up one less &pspace that can help nn more . animal....(9959)its all been out of thekindness of my heart i trulyyhave been doing beccuse..officials say several charggs are ending. p3 the orioles goo ddminated by tampa bay's pitcher laat night.... but still managed
Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
on response. (mike campbell) 01127 "we've been saying since day one that we're at bare bones and that's originalll scheduled to close for good at the end of june... truck ten... was granted an extension... after big storms beginning of's been operating ever siice. now -- decision tt keep it runninn indefiiitely.(mike campbbll) the mayor forrmaking this aud - coming from to sustain e money - ssrvice? the mayor says tax prix... werr greater than &pbudgeted.....evee though the race itself lost millions of dollars.(mayor) 06:48:56 " the operrtor of thh race lost, but though they're happy to see truck ttn - saved. fire unioo officials still hold ouu hopp that eventually money can be pound to eopen the twooothee companies that were permanently closee this year. p:8 ""ell there's always efforts to try and revive them. i'd love toosee them open back up and we'll look at roeder - fox 45 news at ten. the mayor says unbudgeted tax revenues aad fees rom the point-4 million dollars. 1- 3 3144i am much more than a pumber on a scale 07 an anchor responds... to an emaii from a viewer..
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2